Camera cooling temp fluctuates


I was running SGPro from a USB3 drive attached to my Cloudbook. All was working fine until my USB drive crashed. I did a long format and installed all the latest control programs and drivers again.
I notice now that the camera temperature reading fluctuates from -20C to +56C. Yet, if I disconnect the camera from SGPro and start ARTEMIS Capture. The temperature reading says its a static -20C.

I have tried deselecting the Cool on Startup but have Cool on connect set to ON!

Any ideas please?

ATIK 4120EX on C11 and Mesu 200.
Lodestar X2 on Celestron 600mm Guidescope.
SGPro ver
Latest ASCOM drivers and Programs from ATIK.


Does Artemis use ASCOM or is it a native connection? I would try an application that also uses ASCOM and check the behavior there.



Thanks for your quick response Jared,

I have also been in touch with Atik. It looks as if there is a failure on the camera. I will have to post back for repair.


I had a similar problem with my 460Exm in the Fall - temperature circuitry was fried. Annoying, but Atik were good about repairing and returning in a timely manner.