Camera data doesn't match frame size?


I’m sure I am fundamentally misunderstanding something here so forgive what may be a very basic question.

I have a Starlight Xpress Trius SX-25C which as far as i cam see has an image size of 3032 x 2016 pixels, however when I open one of my images (previously taken with SGP using the same camera) in Framing and Mozaic Wizard the target area is shown as a small area in the centre of the image, surely given that this is an image taken with that same camera the target should be the whole image?

I have the scale set as 1.35 and the overlap as just 1 percent.

Thanks for any explanation guys.




That background image did not come from your camera. It was fetched from the internet. The blue box is showing the bounds of the image that you provided SGP. The idea is that you can add additional frames here while knowing what your initial frame was.

Hope that helps,


Hey Jared, many thanks for your reply and explanation, it’s clearer to me now, I have soooo much to learn.

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