Camera fails to cool on connect


Hi Guys,
Just to let you know my SBIG stt8300 no longer cools down on connect, even though I have the check box ticked to do so. It does cool down when I run a sequence. I have SGP v 25117

Just to flag - no big deal.
I update the SBIG drivers regularly.

thanks for great software,


My QHY9 does that sometimes as well.



If you were able to produce logs we are more likely to determine what is happening…

I am having no issue cooling an STT-8300 on connect using:

  • SBIG Driver 4.96 Build 3
  • SGPro


I have seen this behaviour since updating to recent betas, I’ll test tomorrow night and upload logs…qsi 583 is the camera,
I have also noticed that if it does cool down, it might cool to less than the value requested, easily resolved but behaviour is nevertheless looking strange!



A great run last night for a change, cloudless all night, no issues at all with Beta 25.2.7