Camera losing connection


I’m using a QSi683wsg. Recently I seem to be having problems and I’m not sure if it’s SGP or camera related - and this is happening with increasing regularity.
In brief a sequence may be running but then something happens to stop it running. I can hear the camera beeping away constantly with an error message, and SGP no longer reports any temperature. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything but the problem seems to come back - sometimes after one sub - sometimes after several.

My question - any thoughts on whether this is a problem with the camera, SGP, PHD or even my laptop? I’ve attached last nights logs and phd logs if that helps. From my reading of the logs it seems like everything (ie camera temp, filter wheel position error, even guiding) seems to have failed at some point - which might suggest a problem with the powered hub?

I know my version of SGP isn’t bang up to date, but I’d really appreciate any thoughts as I’m really lost with this.

Thanks in advance,


If the problem has gradually been getting worse I would suspect that a USB
connection is failing somewhere. Maybe a cable or hub is going bad, or it
may be that the connections are getting a little corroded. I just went
through this recently myself and I used a contact cleaner called Deoxit D5
for metal to metal contacts and all my problems went away. (knock on wood)


Thanks Joel (touches wood as well for you!) will look to eliminate the hub as a problem, although would be nice to know if the logs give any other clues !



A quick look through your logs does not point to any device in particular, but rather something that handles data for all of them (hub or PC). When the errors start, they are not just for the camera. There are all sorts of things in there… camera, mount, PHD2 complaining about the mount and so on. This usually does not point to a single device…

Do you image in the cold? We see a lot of this stuff in Jan, Feb. Hubs are often not rated to for some extreme cold and start to fail. Try keeping your hub warm somehow. Other than that… if your machine has more than 1 USB bus, move to another one, swap out cables where applicable.


Great thanks for looking over Ken - much appreciated . Yes it was cold -4c when this happened. I’ll invest in some warm clothing for the hub (!)



I have the same camera and had the same issue. It turned out to be the hub…especially during very cold nights. I have extra USB ports on my computer so I hook my QSI straight into the computer and haven’t’ had a problem since.



Thanks Scott. Good to know it’s likely to be the hub and we don’t tend to have too much freezing temperatures round here. I’ll work on a solution.

This hobby has a habit of throwing up new problems just when you think everything is sorted !



To prevent disconnections , always use a powered hub with good power , I settled with a usb 3.0 powered 12v like this …


Thanks Roberto - I was using a powered hub but I think it may have had its day… a replacement is on its way !