Camera Offset

I’m a noob and are using unity gain and it works fine. Love Sgp and it was really simple getting started, alot of great videos on how to set everything up. The only thing is…I can’t for the life of me find information on what the camera offset means in the Camera Gain and Offset menu. All of you seem to understand it well and i need your help :slight_smile:
Regards Andreas

Think about offset as a shift right on all your histogram values.

Ok. So to understand better, what would be “unity offset”? Or, what is neutral offset? Is it 0?
I guess it also manipulates the dynamic range of the camera?
Thank you so much for the information :slight_smile:
Regards Andreas

Do you mean unity gain ? At “unity” it means that one electron will give you one ADU, this is hardware dependent and is usually part of the specs for the sensor.

The offset allows you to shift right all the values on the histogram, this is useful if you see that after stretching there is some data which is still clipping on the left side. This in turn will of course increase your dynamic range.


Okay great! :slight_smile: Now i can understand what is happening when i play around with the settings. VERY nice of you to explain this to me. Thank you so much again :pray:

No problem. There is extensive reading about this topic on Cloudy Nights if you want to dig deeper into the rabbit hole.