Camera rotator (Pyxis LE)

I recently had an incident with my setup and as I am repairing and replacing some bits I was thinking of purchasing the Pyxis LE camera rotator, is this compatible with SGP and does anybody have any experience of Pyxis equipment.
Many thanks


Have no experience but so long as it’s got an ASCOM driver it ‘should’ work fine.

I was recently also looking at the LE as it fits a 2 inch Camera, but, apparently the hole in the middle is only around 1.5 inch which would produce huge vignetting so I had a change of heart.

Real shame for me cos I get fed up with running outside 5 times to ‘Manually Rotate’ when using SGP.

Hope someone else can be more useful than me


The LE works great with SGP. I’ve been using one for 6 months now. Be sure to install the universal driver for it which includes the win app and ascom interface.


Thanks for the replies, I’ve just placed one on order. A quick with regards to the driver, is that the standard one from the Optec website or is there a modified one? Only as as I’m sure I’ve seen references to a modified driver, not 100% sure though.

I grabbed the PyxisCommanderSetup(3.1.1).zip file from the LE page download link and it works fine.


Thanks for confirming the driver, all I need now is the rotator (once our lockdown is lifted).
Kind regards