Camera shutter will only stay open for 2-3 seconds


sorry if this is somewhere else, i did look quite a bit though. any ways, all of a sudden now sgp will not hold open the shutter on my 70d. i have used this program a bunch and just now did it do this. wether its frame and focus or running a sequence no matter the exposure set, it will only hold the shutter open momentarily. the camera works fine with the wireless remote/timer i have for it, i have reinstalled sgp, what next? please help…


Sounds like you have mirror lock enabled in the camera settings in SGP and don’t have it turned on in the camera.



my camera has it disabled, i don’t see where in sgp it is…


Look at this recent thread: SGP vs. BYE image quality not the same The problem was mirror lockup and it shows how to turn it off.


that was it, thank you kindly…