Camera Test sequence and profile problem

Just trying to test my camera out in daytime having had problems last night (other post). So I have set up an LRGB sequence of 10 min exposures, with a new equipment profile based on my usual one, Named it SBIG camera test’ and removed the following:

and just left camera and filter wheel so I can just do a load of exposures. Control panel confirms there is no euipment other than SBIG and its filter wheel. However, when I run the sequence I get this error:


I just want to run a sequence of 10 minute exposures to test the camera. How can I do that please?

I have tried File > apply profile to sequence, but this did not help.

Not sure about the pier flip aspect…

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Do you have a mount in the profile? Maybe you have a mount in the profile and the option for auto meridian flip etc.?

thanks for reply Joel - the equipment profile’s scope tab is pasted below.


It’s probably best if I wait to see any outcome from my last post before I pursue this any further. I looked at the SGP log and it looks like the camera or camera connection failed, but I am unused to analysing SGP logs. Images did not download, so hence my idea in this post of doing a simple repetitive camera and filter wheel test.
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… Named it SBIG camera test’ and removed the following:

and just left camera and filter wheel so I can just do a load of exposures.


This is not how SGP thinks.

Basically, your sequence defines activities requiring the removed equipment. As an example, you may have checked the option “Use Autofocus” and then you tell SGP there is no focuser. This is a contradiction and SGP will not solve it. It expects you to either remove all activities requiring a focuser or specify the focuser to be used.

This applies for all removed equipment.

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Thank you for the reply Horia and I understand what you’ve said.
However, you could argue that this is over complicated in order to do something simple like a camera test sequence. I would argue that if an equipment item does not exist in the profile, then any options selected in relation to that equipment would be invalid and ignored. (in fact a user should not be able to select options related to equipment which is not there). It is quite time consuming and error prone to deselect equipment and then have to run through all the options which may have been selected in relation to it. For established users such as myself, this approach is tough, but for newcomers i think it would be virtually impossible.

I’ll probably look to other software to test my camera and filter wheel and that’s disappointing.

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