Can not save image


I just installed the new version of SGP, and I am trying to save it as FITs (for later plate solving it), but I receive an error message:

  • Open SGP
  • Open image “DeepSky_204751_0000.bmp”
  • right click on the image and “save as FITS” and I receive the below message "Error saving FITs file: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • Close SGP

I have attached the log file, screen shot of the error and link to the image file.


sg_logfile_20151210193425.txt (18.7 KB)


Thx for the report. I don’t think we have ever tested with BMPs… not a typical format to store astro images. Either way… it has been fixed and will be out sometime in the near future (it is a non-critical issue so it will be wrapped up with the next release whenever that happens).


I am having the same problem when the newest version of SGP. If I open an image (CR2 or jpg) then right click and try to save as a FITs file I receive the same message as oguerrea. I also receive this message if I right click and try to do a blind plate solve. Any help would be appreciated.


As I mentioned in my last post… this is a non-critical issue and the fix for it will be out with the next release.


Sorry for the bother. The only reason I posted here was because I am unable to plate solve an image. I thought that might make the issue more urgent. I look forward to the next release. Thanks for your time.


No bother. I just say it is not urgent because there are lots of programs
out there that can get your image into the fits format while we organize a

I know it’s a minor inconvenience, but we release a rapid pace (faster than most). Make sure to save as a single channel (2 axis FITS).


This issue has been corrected the now released SGPro