Can somebody explain the ASCOM and Native ASI drivers from a Gain Offset viewpoint


Hi Folks,

Still on the trial it fully intend to purchase, what an amazing piece of software, I’m loving being able to just open the Observatory and do everything else from the house!
Anyway, I’m new to CMOS cameras (Had a QHY8 before) as I have recently bought a ZWO ASI1600mono. I wanted to set the gain & offset per filter as i use gain 300 for Ha and unity gain for LRGB. I’m totally confused about which driver to use and am hoping somebody can just clear it up. Can I use ASCOM and set the gain and offset or shouldI do this from the native driver? Do both drivers now allow setting of gain and offset as it seemed before that one of them - Ascom, would allow you to set it but it had no effect?


You should use the native driver, which allows you to set the gain and offset per EVENT. So if you have both LRGB and narrowband in the same TARGET, you can set the gain and offset per event depending on what filter is in use.

The ASCOM driver only allows you to set a “global” or “default” gain and offset. Once set in the ASCOM driver settings you can’t change it per event.


Great, thanks for clearing that up!