Can you add additional frames to an existing Sequence


Sorry if this has been asked before, did a search, nothing showed up.
Can you add additional frames to an existing sequence, staring at the last frame of the finished sequence. Last frame ends at 30, add additional frames starting at 36 going to 50. Just an example.
Ed Stuckey


Unfortunately not in the way you hope from what I can see.

If you ran a sequence for an particular object for 5 frames and you have your file name Keys set up correctly then the images will be numbered 0001 to 0005.

If you then ran the sequence again for another 5 frames, instead of these new ones being named as 0006 to 0010 they will instead be names 0001-1 to 0005-1.

Run yet again and you’ll get 0001-2 to 0005-2

etc etc etc

While a sequence is ‘In Progress’ you can change the figure you have set in the current events ‘Repeat’ box which will automatically continue the original numeric sequence of the images as they are saved. But once the sequence has finished your screwed.

SGP is obviously intelligent enough to notice the fact you have already got ‘Some’ images for a particular object in the ‘Light’ folder so it would be nice to have an option in the ‘Tools -> Options -> Sequence Settings’ box which would allow us to instruct SGP to continue sequential numbering should this be the users desire, disabled by default of course, this has caught me out a few times in the past and can be really annoying I have to say.



If I understand the question right, yes you can do what you want. In the Event you want to change, simply adjust the number of frames you want and then double click the progress number (ex 12/30). Then you can change the progress to whatever you want. In the above example you can change it to 21/30 completed for example.


Thanks, I got it . You have to change the number in the repeat box first. Let’s say the original finished sequence was set to repeat 20 times and you completed the sequence. Next night you decide you need 15 more exposures.
I set the repeat box to 35, the double click the progress box and then set the captured frames to the last frame finished the night before, i.e. 20, say ok. The progress bar resets itself to the new count 20/35.
Thanks everyone for the response.


You only have to do what you suggest if you make a new sequence. But you
can always increase the repeat count on an existing sequence and don’t have
to do anything with the progress count. If you complete 20 images one
night, the next night just increase the repeat count to 35 and you’re good
to go.


Thanks for the tip.



Well I’ll be blown…Never knew that !

Cheers guy’s, I certainly stand corrected