Cannot load frame & focus application


For some reason I cannot load the frame & focus application. It have been able to load it. If I try to open the app nothing happens. I have reloaded SGPro and tried to repair the fault but it still persists. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled, the problem is still there. SGPro v




Are you referring to the frame and focus module? We do not have a frame and focus application. Are you referring to SGPro itself? Please be more specific… explain the steps you are using to reproduce the issue with as much detail as possible.


Hi Ken,

Sorry it’s my terminology. Yes it is the frame and focus module for no apparent reason I cannot get it to activate.


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Again, please be specific. What actions are you taking?


Hi Ken,
Activate SGPro via a generated sequenceconnect camera, filter wheel, focuser and telescopeslew to target via CDCTry to open frame and focus module via icon - nothing happens, no module box appears nor any messages.
Equipment used SX H9 (ascom). TruTek Focurer AAFocus diy autofocuser & EQ6.
I seem to recollect you should be able to open the module without the need for any equipment connected. I have tried this and still nothing. I’ve tried reboots, reinstalling SGPro but still cannot get the module to appear and function as it should.


If you are sure the FF module is not hiding behind other modules (the
modules can stack on top of each other), I would open the log folder (help
menu), close SGPro, then delete the file named sg_ui_config.xml (possibly
corrupted). Restart SGPro.


Hi Ken,

Deleting the sg_ui_config.xml file did the trick.

Kind regards