Cannot "Open Sequence" or do "New Sequence" in


It does not appear that I cannot “Open Sequence” anymore in version It simply does nothing when I attempt to select “Open Sequence”. “New Sequence” does not appear to work anymore either.

“Open Image” does work.



Reverting back to now works.



I had to install twice in order for this to work after installing This applies to Windows 10 64 bit and Vista 32 bits.



piling on, same here. trying to choose a sequence from the “recently used” in the file menu also does not work.

but double-clicking a sequence file from the explorer starts SGP and then opens the sequence file successfully.



OK, Sorry for the hasty releases. I honestly shouldn’t even be trying to work on SGPro right now… no time and I’m making silly mistakes. I have fixed this, but will wait to release until tomorrow…


as long as there’s a workaround, it’s all good!


No problem. Been there, done that. I am also a software engineer (retired) and I have made many mistakes myself.



Open an existing sequence from file explorer. That works.



Can’t believe you guys are working on this over the holidays! Bugs can wait - take a break and enjoy yourselves guys! :slight_smile:



My workaround seems to be to ensure imaging camera is connected then I can load existing or create new sequence and yes, in

Meridian flip now works flawlessly so thanks so much for getting this fixed as now had 2 great nights with multiple targets completing entire sequence including Meridian flip.


I have this same problem with
Sequencer does not open and if I try to open a sequence from Windows Explorer or create a new sequence or open from SGP a sequence nothing happens neither.
This started today since last night it worked fine.



Fixed by restarting my PC!!!