Canon 5D mk IV - Error: EDS_ERR_OK


New to the software and community - but I’ve run into a snag trying to get my Canon 5D mk IV to talk to SGP. I pre-installed EOS Utility before considering SGP, and the 5D works great with other software (APT)… but SGP doesn’t seem to enjoy talking to it.

Here’s the log file (one drive link):!ArQaKxJ6d9fehATK4QACsYe2Tebc

I’ve attempted the following:

  • Reboot (multiple times)
  • Generating new Equipment profiles
  • Reinstalling EOS Utility
  • Formatting installed memory cards
  • Switching memory cards
  • Switching USB hubs (powered and non powered)

Each attempted fix, I’ve tested it under a different software (APT) after SGP fails, and it works just fine.

SGP can talk to PHD just fine, as well as my mount - so as of now I’m ok on that end.

Any suggestions/troubleshooting would be awesome. So far I’m really liking what I’m seeing with the software - can’t wait to get it up and running with my equipment.


We probably need to update the EOS drivers in order to support newer canons. I’ll look into this.

Thank you,