Canon 6DError --Device Busy


I can connect my Canon 6d.

When I press Take One from Frame and Focus, I get
Canon: Error IN EdsSetPropertyData(Prop ID_Tv0x0c) Err EDS_ERR_DEVICE_BUSY

Then I hear a click, but get no picture, no download.

I am running Windows 10, Latest Beta of SGP. The Eos Utility is NOT running at the same time.

Any ideas?



I believe that is attempting to set the exposure to bulb but the camera is not in bulb mode. Can you make sure the camera is set to “B”. I’ll verify that and make this message less horrible if so.



It definitely has to do with the bulb setting. If I start the camera in Bulb mode, it takes pictures as directed by SGP.

If I start the camera in Manual mode, it will give me the message referred to above when I tell it to take a photo in Find and Focus. It will continue to give me that even after I switch it over to Bulb.

So, obviously, I need to start the camera in Bulb, and keep it there.



And thanks for the help.



Yes, this is correct. I’ll change this behavior to provide a better warning.



I think Ken mentioned once that the rror message would be replaced with a more meaningful one. I sometimes have same problem but never remember that the camera mode is the reason. iT would be appreciated if you change the prompt to a clear error message