Canon EOS 6D Settings


I am setting up my Canon EOS 6D in SGP and was hoping someone could help me confirm my settings. Obviously I have no cooler so those settings can be ignored. Angle I will have to figure out after plate solving an image. Scale I got from FOV calculator by plugging in my camera and scope. Readout noise and Gain values I picked up from Lorenzo Comolli’s Astronomy web page My download times I guessed to be about 20 seconds. Does this look correct?

Thanks for the guidance as always.

Andrew J


Andrew J…Did anyone reply to you ? I am interested too as I have a Canon EOS 6D.

Frank M


Hello Frank.

Unfortunately no one has replied. Maybe you can post and give it a “bump”.
Maybe if people see that is more than just one person interested they will
reply. If not then, I guess it was worth a try.



While I have a 6D, I don’t use it for AP, so I’m probably not much help. But those values seem sane. Even if they’re completely wrong it’s not a big deal. The Gain is used to calculate “best exposure” in the metrics view. Pixels is generally used for the Framing and Mosaic wizard with scale. Really “scale” is likely the most important if you’re going to be plate solving.

As for the FITS + RAW just keep in mind that this will be saving 2 images and can eat up space fast. It’s not a bad idea to do that initially though. You’ll likely find that you prefer one or the other for processing eventually.



Hi Andrew, Does the software creator ever come online to chat with us ? That might help. If not, any ideas where I might locate him/her outside of Yahoo ?? Frank M


@StarManFlorida , that would be me, and I replied about 10 hours ago. We don’t use Yahoo any longer, this would be our support forum.



Thank you Jared, Where do we go now to get “expert” help ??? Frank M.


Disregard my request Jarad. It was in front of me all the time… Thank you Frank M


Hello Jared. I am very flattered that you would reply to this posting. Thank you.

I did have one additional question thou. I used the settings specified below during an imaging run I did last Friday night. My main reason for wanting to input the Readout noise and the Gain Values is that I understood from reading the help file that this would allow me to get an Ideal Exposure Time from the image statistics. However, as you can see from the statistics from one of my images that the Ideal Exp time is NA. So it really did not accomplish what I was hoping.

I did make one change to the settings I posted previously. As you suggested I changed my file types to just use RAW as the download times for FITS + RAW was just taking too long. I choose RAW over FITS because I could always use PI to convert to FITS later if needed. Would using RAW vs. FITS affect the imaging statistics or is this Ideal Exp Time thing only work with CCD cameras?

Thanks again for the guidance.

Andrew J


While it shouldn’t matter…try turning on the “Image History” it may be running those stats at the same time (erroneously). If that doesn’t work then I’ll need to dig in a little more.



Here’s mine from a modded 6D.
I get everything but the ideal exposure time as well, same on my 600D.
Yours looks about same, i pulled my info from PI and the spreadsheet on lightvortex.


Thanks Jared for the tip of turning on Image History. I will give it a go my next time out and post back the results.


Hi Andrew,

Here are the numbers from my Hutech - modded 6D as calculated by Pixinsight from several sample images from the camera. The first screenshot is the numbers at 3200 ISO, and the second at 1600 ISO, both at room temperature.