Canon ISO range availability


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On my SG Pro 45 day trial, but one thing that got me stuck is that I cannot select the whole ISO range for my Canon 6D. Is this a known issue? In other acquisition apps, this is not an issue and I can choose any ISO my camera supports (like ISO2500) .

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I have 2 Canon 6Ds and there is no issue with this. You won’t see the full range unless you have connected to the camera. I have used all the way up to 25600. However, you will get the best SNR and dynamic range if you use 1600.


What Jerry says is correct. The camera must be connected to get the entire ISO range. Unfortunately ISO varies widely between cameras so we just have a default set in SGP. Once the camera is connected we read off the supported ISOs and populate those values for your choosing.



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That’s not what I meant, I do get a long list when I connect the 6D,ending with the highest ISO25600,but some ISO values are missing (like ISO2500).

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Some ISOs are only internally supported by the camera. This may be the case for those that do not align to an F/Stop (like 2500). If you can connect your camera and post a log we can look at the list of ISOs that the camera says it supports. I’m guessing it won’t be in that list.



No problem, I will try to do that today.
Please show me how to access the logs for that

The reason I am asking this, is because I am already using another acquisition program (BYEOS) that shows me all my ISO levels. Thats the reason I am asking if its a software glitch or maybe I require to edit some files to add the ISOs.


No need. Connected up my 6D and found the issue. There were a couple of ISOs that weren’t making it in. This has been addressed and will be out in the next beta.




You might find this article interesting



Thanx all for the great help

I can also confirm now its working in the latest version