Can't disconnect from MX+, must force quit SGP

Running latest beta but it has been happening for a while now. Mount is a Paramount MX+
Once it connects it seems to have problems disconnecting. The program freezes up as if its waiting and if I try to close it, SGP responds with the ‘you still have hardware connected’ dialog. After that point I can’t get it to do anything else and have to force quit. Not sure if the mount has been parked (after finishing a run) in all of those scenarios or not.

I have the same mount and the same issue. Also cannot get SGP to close in task manager so end up having to restart the computer. Only time I have not had to do this is if I disconnect the mount in the SkyX first.

This has also been happening with my MYT for a while now. I will try to get a log file sent in regarding this.

Do you mean that SGPro freezes or The SkyX freezes? Logs showing the issue would be helpful.

Sure I can dig up a log… It’s SGPro that stops responding to any input. I can try to close via the task bar and the SGP dialog asking me if I’m sure I want to close with equipment connected, so I know it’s not completely hung. No matter what is clicked in that dialog though, SGP won’t respond.

Since SGP does actually respond, but not to your clicks in the GUI i would guess a window is open behind SGP that expects to be closed before you can do anything in SGP

Ken, I had sgp freeze again upon manual mount disconnect after updating to 390. The skyx remained working. I’ve emailed the logfile with description to support as requested.


I have made no attempt to investigate here. I will take a look at the logs.

@Bkoch @Mr1337

Are you, by chance, altering the state of the mount outside of SGPro? Bob, in the logs you send, I see that, at the end, SGPro shows an error and then suddenly disconnects. Just wondering if that was from a state change elsewhere.

All activity was within sgp with no outside changes during the sequence. My normal procedure is to manually park and disconnect the mount using skyx after exiting sgp.

Ok… well, I am unsure of the issue, but made some guesses. Marking complete for now, but please post back if SGPro versions GREATER THAN exhibit the same behavior.