Can't multiple connect - SGP and PHD2 to EQ6 eqmod


I can’t make multiple connections to eqmod anymore. It was always iffy but several attempts and eventually somehow both PHD2 and SGP would connect to the mount/eqmod at the same time.

Tonight though not working at all. If PHD2 is connected to the eq6 mount, SGP cannot connect. And vice-versa.

I tried POTH and generic hub after searching the forum here and reading couple other posts, but SGP crashes if PHD2 is connected already using POTH or generic hub.

If SGP is connected to POTH, PHD2 says it can’t establish a connection.

Ideally I’d like both to work via the eq6 ascom but that isn’t happening. It’s either PHD2 is connected or SGP. Not both at the same time.

Anyone have similar issue with eq6, eqmod, PHD2, SGP - multiple connections?

Here’s couple logs and screen grabs of errors:



Make sure PHD and SGP are both running at the same level. Generally “Not Admin”. But if you NEED to run as admin for some reason make sure that BOTH are running as Admin. That is generally the cause for this issue.



Hi Jared - thanks. I actually had read that tip while researching the problem. It did not work for me. Didn’t matter if they were both run non-admin or admin. Same problem. I fought with it for nearly 2 hours last night before giving up.


Crap! I got it working. Seems when I upgraded to Win10 and reinstalled everything I set PHD2 to always run as admin. I didn’t realize this. Forgot. So I doubled checked the settings I had discovered this. I set them both to run as admin now always and its working fine. I wish I had thought to look in the properties of each last night! File this one under… DOH!