Can't open SGP


New to mono imaging. I’ve had the trial version of SGP for about 2 weeks. v 3.0.3 169. Mostly figuring out how to use it and how to use my new ZWO 1600mm pro. It downloaded fine and I’ve been able to set up a few sequences etc. Been cloudy most of this time. So now that it is getting clear, I started to set up a sequence to take darks during the day so I’d be ready for imaging at night. That went well. I shut SGP down to do some none computer things and when I tried to open SGP later in the day, it would not open from the desk top short cut or thru anything else I tried. I deleted SGP from my computer and reinstalled it and still it will not open. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks Joe


After much digging around, I found that my antivirus software (McAfee) had an update and was blocking me from accessing SGP. I deleted SGP then turned the antivirus off reloaded SGP and now it works fine again even with the antivirus on.