Can't plate solve on west side of pier


After a meridian flip, I can’t use SGP to get my target centered. I have to fall back on another tool like Astrotortilla to center my object. Even a manual plate solve on an image that is on the west side of the pier will refuse to solve in PlateSolve2. It must be some kind of rotation setup somewhere, but I can’t make it work. I have trtied to enter the camera angle in manually, and it’s like talking to a brick wall. BTW, I can P.S. in a matter of seconds as long as it’s on the east side of the pier.

1/20/2018 around 11:00-ish PM is when the pier flip happened, and for a long time after I attempted to plate solve to no avail. Then the next day at home, I tried to get it to solve various images from after the flip to no avail.

Here are links to logs:


Have you tried dropping through to a blind solver?

A pier flip can introduce quite a large pointing error because of the dec axis / optical axis non orthogonality - cone error. This may mean that the initial position is too far away for PS2 to manage. Once an initial blind solve and sync is done PS2 may be OK.


It was visibly about 300 pixels off. That might, I manally/visually adjusted to finish the night. The center of the image was well within the frame, just annoyingly off center.