Can't recovery, “Aborting recovery thread”

Hi everyone,

Last midnight I Shot NGC6888, but unexpectedly stopped. Then I scanned the log file:

PHD Log:
01:01:55.250 00.000 1232 Status Line: 被导星丢失 - 质心改变 (Chinese characters, means ‘Guiding star lost’)

SGP Log:
[2016-8-27 1:02:14] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Something has gone wrong and the auto guider lost the guide star
[2016-8-27 1:03:14] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Something bad has happened… attempting to recover the sequence (attempt 1)…

[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Recovery: Auto center failed failed.
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Sequence recovery failed!
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Recovery aborted…
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Recovery Sequence Thread] Closing recovery dialog…
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Sequence recovery failed (CenteringAndGuiding)!
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Sequence recovery failed (CenteringAndGuiding)!
[2016-8-27 1:07:34] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Guide star lost! Aborting sequence.

[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2 GetPhdStatus - Post-Wait: Stopped
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] PHD2 Guider is already stopped.
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Autoguider (PHDv2) stopped Successfully
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Stop telescope tracking…
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Setting tracking state to False
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Aborting sequence timer thread…
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Aborting recovery thread…
[2016-8-27 1:08:06] [DEBUG] [Recovery Killer Thread] Closing recovery dialog…

And I set the recovery:

Temporary guiding failed, why SGPro can‘t recovery the sequence every 5 min for 90 min?
Thank you!

Because the upload file size limit in 1MB, I upload the log files here: