Can't Stopp rigel steepr usb focuser


I am just starting to use SGP and trying to get my equipment together. I started the The First Week
got all the equipment bale to connect and no problems.
Last night I tried to do the focus
Clicked on the Frame and Focus icon. Got the star centered. I clicked on the focus control area and kept the default parameters as it is instructed on the PDF and that is where hell broke loose. every time I pressed a button the stepper would just go rolling without stop and had to disconnect otherwise it would have gotten the focuser all the way in or worst all the way out. and could not stop it
I am sure I miss something or a lot
This is a dropbox link to all the log files from last night

thanks for the help


Never Mind got it working now. thanks


Can you post what fixed it? Often times people search for solutions and it really helps.


I had reverse on the rigel software. Removed it and voila!!


Gets you every time :joy: Congrats!