Capabilities of SGP Pro for a potential user


Hello, all,

This post might seem a little abrupt, and I assure you it’s not meant that way. I’m running into issues getting answers about software - SGP Pro is one of three products I’m looking at.

First, I am a potential new user of SGP Pro. I looked through the main page, the intro, and many forum subjects before posting here.

We are building a completely robotic observatory. No hands on, period, once home, park, and polar alignment are complete. We will see the observatory about once every 30 days.

I am looking for an application that I can first input a list of targets, and:

a) the software will consider RA/DEC position of the target, AND
b) visibility of the target above horizon constraints that I can teach the system (rooftops, trees, etc) AND
c) take advantage of clear weather based on the inputs from a wx sensor, AND
d) only after previous items are considered, image available targets based on the aforementioned criteria, AND
e) perform focusing, meridian flip, and plate solving to acquire a centered image every time, that the target is available, AND
f) continue operations until the required images that are preset are captured, including positioning of the dome rotation and auto opening/closing of the dome shutter, AND THEN
g) move to the next target automatically

“Read the manual” is not an answer I’m seeking. Can SGP perform operations in this manner?

Thanks for your reading this and your responses in advance.



not at all to minimize SGP, but what you are looking for is ACP expert. it can run completely unattended. SGP requires user input and does not support any horizon constraints at present.



I agree with what Rob says. SGP is primarily aimed at mobile observers and those with home observatories. Not for complete remote operation (although some users certainly do this).

APC Personal Expert is what you’re after (unless you want to support multiple users). Bob Denny is a great guy too.



yes, very true - if you are willing to log in once a day and start the observatory, then SGP would probably work for completely remote operation. even ACP needs to be restarted from time to time, probably owing to windows issues. even though i was running a remote observatory using ACP i would always check in on it every day to make sure it started up. most of the time it was fine, but there were days when something would go wrong - after all these are computers :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. I’ll take a look at that; first I’ve heard of it!




Another option is Prism. Just as capable and a little more modern. Check it out!


Thanks, Mads!

Looking at the responses received in 1 day here was more informative that 2 weeks on CN! Looking at the options, it seems like Prism is the best bang for the buck. I have an email into them to check if they support a rotator on the focuser.

Appreciate all the help!