Carina Nebula


Hi guys, this is my first image captured in SGP. To be honest I was a little hesitant, after using MaximDL for such a long time, and being quite familiar with it. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I love SGP!

I just installed a stepper kit for my focuser, so the autofocus worked great.

So this was basically a test image for me to find my feet with the software. Turned out pretty good I think.

5.5 hours with my TOA-150 and QHY10.

Thanks for looking :smile:


Fabulous detail for 5.5 hours - well done.


Wow. That’s an amazing picture!! :slight_smile:


Great image Erik- one thing comes to mind. There was a thread last month on developing wizards and aids for the first time user (after a CN thread suggested that SGP was not logical). As we become more familiar we lose our perspective on ease of use and the seasoned users may not be the best judge.
As a new user, your perspective is invaluable in steering any new developments to make SGP more intuitive and combine power with ease of use.


Hi Buzz, thanks :slight_smile: I can see your point of view in regards to ease of use of SGP. I may not be the best judge either. From a completely new users perspective I can see it being a challenge familiarising with it. All in all though I find the layout pretty simple.

I guess my difficulty was simply locating controls and options, and memorising them. E.g I couldn’t get the guiding working, but I didn’t realise I had to connect to PHD through SGP first!