CCD temp not read by Maxim


I’ve just had my first real imaging run with SGP 2.3, what a great piece of kit, but one slight problem.

Bringing in my control frames into Maxim 6 for processing, in set calibration, the CCD temp is not showing up, is this a difference between what SGP writes in the fits header, compared to how Maxim does it?



Had time to play with fits headers, Maxim 6 calls the two variables ‘SET-TEMP’ and ‘CCD-TEMP’. SGP calls them ‘TEMPERAT’ and ‘CCDTEMP’. Would this be enough to cause the compatabiliy issue?



Hmmm, edited the FITS header of an image captured in SGP, to include a header ‘CCD-TEMP’, which is now read by Maxim in the Set calibration window. How do other processing software packages work?



OK, opened a Maxim generated image and an SGP generated image in Nebulosity.It reads the maxim files temperature, not the SGP file temperature.



I’ll look to see how Pixinsight handles it. We generally use Pixinsight as our defacto standard as that’s what the majority of SGP users tend to process with.

If it has issues with the header as is we’ll adjust.



Thanks Jared, PI at the moment scares me, guess Ive got to buckle down and learn it.



I would go so far as to say that is what the majority of astro-imagers of any kind use these days. Steep learning curve but worth it.


An option could be to set the desired format of the header ?
or a tool to batch convert the header ?