Celestron CGEM connection failure


Greetings Group,

I could use a little (lot) of guidance. After a seven month layoff I have dusted off the mount and started taking on the connection issues one at a time. My set up is: Celestron CGEM, TV NP101is OTA, SBIG 8300M w/CFW8G and a Moonlite DRO focuser. I control the combination with a HP Pavilion laptop with 4 USB ports. The software includes SGP 2.4.1 beta 11, PHD2 2.4.1f, ASCOM platform6 SP1 and ANSVR.net as the plate solver.

So far I can connect both SGP and PHD2 to their respective cameras, SGP to the filter wheel and the focuser. Plate solving has so far been successful. The last remaining connection problem is the mount. I have a USB/Seriel cable connected to the hand control from it’s own USB port. What settings do I need in SGP and/or ASCOM to troubleshoot and make this connection.

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37 N - 121 W


You need the current Celestron Telescope driver. Select it in SGP and click on the setup button, just like any other driver.

The driver help gives details of what is needed, certainly more that saying it doesn’t work.

Most problems turn out to be cables or USB to serial adaptors.




Thanks! I’ll give that another try.

37 N - 121 W


Success! I changed the USB/Serial converter and cable, selected Celestron Telescope driver and up popped the ASCOM profile. After clicking OK I was connected. In the equipment panel under telescope, RA and Dec were populated. It is daylight so I didn’t try any centering but I did try “Park”. The scope did not go to my “Home” position but I have not set it in SGP (if that is possible). Waiting for the next clear night to try it all together.

37 N - 121 W