Celestron CGX, SGP changing Meridian setting


I have been running SGP with my Celestron CGX mount. I have a long refractor with ZWO ASI1600 and EFW attached which makes it very prone to hitting a tripod leg if I am not careful with my slew limits. My preferred default is for the Meridian setting in the hand controller to be set to Disable, not Favor West or Favor East. However, when using SGP and I have wait until Meridian for Flip during the Auto Flip settings I have occasionally allowed the flip early rather than wait for time out based on the location of the target at the time. Unfortunately, that action of allowing the flip early appears to change the Meridian setting to Favor West.

When I slew to the next target, or even start up the next day, the setting remains at Favor West which is very problematic for my telescope configuration. Is there any way for SGP to reset the Meridian setting after a particular target sequence is finished?


Those settings are not available in the ASCOM Telescope interface so SGP can’t set them.


Just seen this. The ASCOM driver uses the Meridian setting to set the side of pier. It’s how it forces the mount to slew to the other side of the meridian before it’s crossed the meridian.
Setting the Ra limits in the mount so the telescope can’t hit the mount may help, The meridian mode respects those.