Celestron Nightscape 8300


Celestron has Ascom drivers for the 8300. Does SGP support this camera natively or do you need to use the Ascom drivers? I just ordered the camera because my son grabbed my DSLR and dropped it on the floor. Its doesn’t work very good anymore.


You will be required to use ASCOM for this camera.


Thanks, are there any limitation to using ASCOM vs native drivers? I just want shutter control for darks and Bias without having to put the lens cap on and temperature control.

I am new to CCD so it might take me some time to familiarize with the camera once I get it.


ASCOM itself provides (near) full control over the camera (this statement, of course, is tempered by the quality of the ASCOM driver itself and its ability to pass ASCOM conform tests). Most of our users use SGPro through ASCOM with no issues. That said we have a 45 day trial, so you can check on stuff like this. If you think something looks suspicious, we can take a look at the logs and let you know.



I have been a long time user. Love the software. I will test it out. I am sure it will work.


So AstroJeff, did you get it to work with SGP? I got it to work with Maxim DL, but SGP says its missing a .dll file of the camera…


That “missing .dll” error is likely coming from the ASCOM driver and just propagated by SGP. In Maxim were you using the native driver or ASCOM? Maybe try reinstalling the ASCOM drivers and any other drivers needed by the camera?



Yes tried to install drivers again. I took the Celestron .dll file from Maxims folder and copied it to SGPs folder, but no go.

Celestron discontinued this product a while ago, so there aint coming any new drivers.

I found out Cynagogen made software for Celestron in these devices, so its not a suprise Maxim has a working driver for it…