Center after focusing



I’m imaging at quite high resolution (0.55 arcsec/pix), guiding using OAG, and finding a problem getting both correct focus and good centering.

The thing is:

  • if I leave the autoguider running while focusing, either (a) the focus is ruined (if autoguider is not waited to settle) or (b) takes forever (if autoguider settles)
  • if the autoguider is off while focusing, depending on the last centering slew, the guide star may go out of the autoguider field (drift due to backlash).

As with SGP full frame focusing being centered beforehand is not really needed, I think first focusing, next centering, is better. At least it is for me :smile:




I’ve always thought about this too. It’d be nice to have the option.


I have always wanted the “Meridian Flip” options dialog box to have the option to auto focus before centering. With a heavy mirror OTA, the meridian flip can cause a noticeable loss of focus. I think auto focusing before centering would improve the plate solve / centering function’s reliability.



Please don’t add multiple requests to the same thread. I am very easily confused.


Also a good feature for me +1