Center Here Function needs FIT from DSLR to function


The Center here / rotate camera functions needs FIT + RAW or FIT from a DSLR to work.

[2016-05-05 12:38:59 PM] [DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] Failed to plate solve reference frame because it does not exist. C:\Users\telescope\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Temp\

Could it automatically force downloading/converting to a FIT when doing the plate solving? Perhaps Ignoring the selection from the dropdown in the camera settings? This way we can use “RAW” only for DSLR?

By the way this is with my Nikon NEF files. I am not sure if this works on Canon.

By not having to use FIT + RAW DSLR files would solve another issue where by duplicate images are loaded in the Image Preview and duplicate entries are entered in Image History. (This may be considered a second issue but I thought I’d leave that here for now)

Failure - 'Reference Frame does not exist'
SGP + D810A test M51 trough clouds

Hi entilza.

Could you move this to the feature request category?
I think that automatically converting to FIT for plate solving is a definite usability improvement for DSLR users.

Thank you.


This is not a feature request, it is a bug and has been fixed in (not yet released).


Awesome! Thank you Ken! Sorry for not reporting this sooner when i first got centering working.


Happy to report this is tested and fixed in the latest version :slight_smile: