Center scope and Rotate Camera window missing

The window of center scope and rotate camera during centering scope is missing bottom part of the status window. All 3.x.x have the same problem. There should are two buttons at that area. But it can not appear properly, no matter what screen resolution or font size I adjusted.

My OS is Windows 10 Traditional Chinese, with 1920 * 1080 screen and resolution.

It looks like something may be overriding the default system font. We’ll have to see if it’s possible to disallow this.

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Actually it looks like we’re already setting this but it’s being overridden at the OS level. you may want to look in your registry at

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

And see if something is overriding the “San Serif” font. Or I guess it could be that a different font is installed for different language packs.

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Here is my registry at FontSubstitudes

Please check if this may help.

Do you need other information?

No, we’ll just have to attempt to reproduce this. For the time being I think you’d have to figure out what is causing the font to be overridden and default back to the standard Windows 10 fonts. I’m not entirely sure what this entails. They’ve made it somewhat difficult to switch fonts. But I’m guessing it has to do with the language pack.


I tried modifying register about font. It’s nothing help. I tried setup brand new English version Windows 10 and installed language pack. This problem did not occur in English Windows 10 and language pack installed. The problem only occur on Windows 10 Transnational Chinese version. I also removed FontSubstitutes part of register, it nothing help as well.

After google, I am not sure the following link may help

Moving this issue to support