Centering problem - overcorrection

Hello, recently I stumble on one problem with centering action in SGP. I use this program for quite some time and this is first time when I get this problem.

When I use centering action (standalone or in sequence), mount will slew to object and report error (after PS), for example:
RA: 1354px DEC: 4502px
next, move to center and PS, error is:
RA 23px DEC -1401px (acceptable error: 50px), next correction is in DEC only
RA 21px DEC 1352px, next:
RA 21px DEC -1384 and so on with declination. From + to - with almost the same value - overcorrection.
Object has dec -13*

Does anybody encounter this problem? I post logs later today.

Thank you for any help.

SGP has two settings for centering. The default is to sync the telescope to the value from the plate solve and then slew the scope again. The assumption is that the sync will help refine the slew. However, not all scopes will behave well with this method especially if you have a sky model. You can change the behavior by going to the Telescope tab of the Control panel. Look for “Sync Behavior”. “Sync” is the default that I described. Try changing it to “Target Offset”