Centre Here without Plate Solve


This may already be possible, I hope so!

My scope is permanently mounted and aligned to an accuracy I’m happy with. It centre’s well on the object i’m targetting but I often want to nudge the object away from centre for various reasons like framing and getting a guide star in the OAG. Given that SGP knows the pixel size, binning and pixel/arc sec etc is it not possible to click a location on the image I want centred and then have SGpro do this without a plate solve?

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I believe you right click on the image and click on “Center Here”. See page 133 of SGP manual.



Right click on the image and select “Slew Here”.



Further clarification and distinction here…

Center Here:

Slew Here:


Thanks Guys, I’m aware of the centre here functionality that uses plate solve which is time consuming on my set up even with a local server running. As the original post says I’ld like to be able to to this without plate solving.

SGP has everything it needs to know to work out how much slew is required to travel the number of pixels between the current centre and the right click location. A single initial plate solve may be required so SGP knows the orientation of the camera or an option to assume camera axis are along the RA/DEC direction would be useful - I hardly ever rotate my camera.

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I’m not sure if you read the help file links I posted. They are exactly what you are asking for…


That’s looks exactly what I’m after.

Thanks Ken.


Excellent - just what I needed two nights ago … I’ll know next time :slight_smile: