Centre Now feature



Often I am receiving 3 prompts to confirm the ‘Centre Now’ when I press ‘Centre Now’ from the target setting screen.
I first get a confirmation prompt ‘Centre om target ordinates ?’ then ‘Centre on target’ and then another same prompt, is that supposed to be like this ?



I get 2 dialogs… not 3. We can remove one. We never noticed because that button is rarely ever used. Most folks, if they have some reason to center manually, do it by right clicking on the target.


Thanks Ken,

Next time I’m out I will double check the number of times…Sorry if I was wrong

I thought using the ‘Centre now’ is good option before even taking the first image, why waste time of taking one image ?, Isn’t it good to get the image centered prior to imaging ?, doing this also helps to know your pointing accuracy. I’m new to SGP so maybe I’m missing something here



It’s up to you… we provide these options so you can get your data the way you want. Most people, I suspect just check the “auto center option” for the target, click run sequence and let SGPro handle all of it. It does the same thing you just did manually.


Yes, it is two but personally I think the second one is redundant. For example, “Slew Now” only has one. I do use it before starting the sequence because it lets me see exactly what guide stars are going to be available and confirms that things are working.


I love conversations about warnings and confirmations.


Warning: Ken is entertained by warnings and confirmations. :wink:


Thank you… Lest I scare anyone away, I am just being a smart-ass. I do honestly appreciate reports on odd UI behaviors like this. The next release will only have one warning when you try to start the centering process from within the target settings dialog:


Me too!

New dialog looks great. It tells the user what will happen should they be bold enough to proceed! :wink:


Thanks Ken and CCDMan,

It was my mistake, only prompting twice, and as CCDMan says the second is redundant