Change UI Color?


I use SGP both indoors/remotely during the Winter, but during the Summer prefer to be outside when I can.

The laptop glare from the typical Windows White can be awful at night as I don’t prefer to use those RED overlays as they simply obstruct your view of what’s going on.

BYE and BYN both have the feature to choose a color scheme that allow one to dim things and have a ‘Red’ tool which is just as bad as using a RED overlay.

I’d like to see the option of changing to a black mode just like Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio Code have out of the box and thus keep the UI usable, but make it dark enough to not offend the eyes.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dark UI Proposal

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I’ve used BackyardRED in the past, and it seems to work well for turning your monitor over to night vision. it’s a free app, might not hurt to give it a try.



For a software solution you definitely want something that is system wide (like BackyardRED and a few others). Doing it app by app is a good formula for a bright light in your face :-/



This only bright-proof solution is a red sheet of plexiglass on top of your screen!

Night Mode or Dark Theme

I think I mentioned trying BYE Red, didn’t like it. Still too bright and makes things way too difficult to read.

However, I have nothing but good things to say about the Darkroom Mode of F.Lux. Awesome! It’s my go-to solution.