Changing driver name

Is there a way to change the name of equipment drivers in the equipment drop down?

IE, my QHY camera is listed as “QHYCCD 2st” and I want to change the name.

SGPro just displays names that driver authors choose. We could certainly create a user defined mapping of names, but I am unsure how many would find value here (just thinking in terms of prioritizing features against limited time we have to give).

I don’t think there’s a way to change the name. I told QHY about this some time ago, speaking directly with Qui and also the person who maintains the Facebook page. That was perhaps 6 months ago.

Ok thanks!

Is there a way to remove items in the drop down list? Several of the drivers are loaded twice with different names.

SGPro loads all of your installed ASCOM drivers. If you remove them they will no longer appear in the list. Exceptions are QSI, SBIG, FLI, Nikon and Canon… those are always present. If you set up an equipment profile, you won’t need to worry about this much as it will auto pick the correct gear for you.