Close camera mechanical shutter for darks & bias?


Lately I have been using Nebulosity to take bias, dark and flats but I use SGP for everything else. Nebulosity allows me to always close my QSI camera’s mechanical shutter while capturing bias and darks. Can the user tell SGP to always keep the mechanical shutter closed while capturing bias and darks or does SGP automatically close mechanical shutter for bias and darks?

If SGP does not have this feature, is it possible to add this feature to SGP?



Pretty sure it closes the shutter. I think this is pretty standard for all imaging SW.


SGP does this when you select “Bias” or “Dark” for your frame type.



Thank you.



Maybe this kind of information could be included in the documentation to avoid confusion and it’s a good advertisement showing what SGP is capable.

Nebulosity does not automatically close the shutter for dark and bias and I have to manually make a selection to do this.