Commincation error with mount AVX

My sequence started normal, took 5/5 integrations at 4-bin. Then when it was about to continue to the next sequence, i got sequence aborted. I just removed step 1, reset the sequence. Slewed and centered as normal and then sequence aborted again.

I restarted my laptop, but after i could not connect to the mount. I restarted the mount (new alignment etc…meh). Could not connect to it from SGP. I tried everything at this point, restart mount, restart laptop, in out with usb, to no avail - could not connect from sgp.

I have never had any problems before with SGP 2.X, i just recently upgraded my SGP license to 3.+

Any ideas?

My whole night of integration went away because of this…but such is life :frowning:

Best regards,

I know the AVX works fine with SGP 3.x, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks. I did find that if you use CPWI, it puts the handset in bootloader mode so the regular ASCOM driver will not be able to connect to the mount. However, CPWI exposes an ASCOM interface so I just connect that way. Other than that I have no idea but I do know it works with 3.x normally.

Hi I hope.I understand well you said CPWI exposes an ASCOM interface and you can.connet to the avx mount that way. Can you explain how. I try CPWI and once the alignment is done I cannot connect SGP to the mount. So sad I love the way alignment works with CPWI.

You should see “CPWI” as one of the available drivers in the ASCOM drop down, don’t use the Celestron driver.

Alright. Yes I now thank you so much