Compatibility with SBIG AO-8T


Hi there, I use SGP and PHD2 for my imaging. Great products!

I have just purchased an AO-8T to go with my existing Dual chip SBIG STT-8300 camera for my long focal length setup. I was kind of assuming it would be supported but after searching I can’t confirm it is.

Can someone let me know if the AO-8T is supported by SGP/PHD2?


SGIB AO-8T compatibility


Please see this thread in the PHD2 forum, especially the recent posts on 18 Nov.

In a nutshell: SBIG AOs are not supported today but there are some plans that to add support in the near future; it will require changes in both SGP and PHD2.



Andy that is great news, really appreciate your reply and efforts and willingness to work with Ken to get this going…

Ken I should have the AO in a week or two. If you need any testing done with the new API to include an AO unit please let me know, I will be very keen to see this baby going on my RC. I have been using SGP for nearly 3 years now and gotta say the level of support you guys provide is excellent.