Confidence 338


Hello all,
I have a curiosity…

If I capture or load an image, right click it and select ‘Plate Solve’

Plate Solve 2.29 does its job and puts a box up with the results, in
this box it has ’ Confidence *** ’

Cant find any reference to what this ‘Confidence’ figure is in the user
manual, can anyone shed some photons ?

Many Thanks


It is a generic term that allows all of the solvers we work with to express their confidence in the solve. For PlateSolve2 (and Pinpoint), this is the number of stars it matched on.


Thanks Ken


So glad this question got asked as I have been puzzling about this myself!


<---- Loves to know

So a high Confidence value is obviously good

A Low Confidence value is not so good


I feel so confident now LOLOLOL