Confused about autocenter behaivour


I am confused about autocenter behavior.

Last night I ran a sequence of M57 and all went fine.

I wanted to change targets to M15 and manually slewed to it. Did a Plate solve on it and selected “Use these results as the reference image for target”.

When I started the sequence on M15 with ‘slew to’ & "autocenter’ checked the mount took off and slewed off to the original target M57??

Also when I plate solve a saved image and choose “Use these reults” it does NOT imbed the DEC and RA into the image.

What am I overlooking?


Did you create a new target, or did you just try to update the current target with new coordinates from the solve?


I used the same sequence but named a new target.


Was the original target (M57) complete, or did it still have uncompleted events? If it wasn’t complete when you started the sequence again then it would begin with M57 until complete.


It was complete, however I did cancel the do end of sequence operations.

Also I reset the sequence progress.

Also why is plate solving not imbedding the RA DEC info into an image when “Use these results” is ticked?