Connect with Taka Temma EM200


I’m sorry if this is not the correct place for this post.
I used the Sky6 and I haven’t got any problem with my Taka Temma 200 mount, but I’m getting crazy to fix the SG Pro with my Temma EM200, Would anybody help me telling me how can syncronized?


I am not at home with scope & obs computer just now so may not be able to go too far with this, But, in any case, 1st question must be to ask which driver you are using for the mount? I use Chuck Faranda’s driver (available through the Takahashi Yahoo Group).

This driver allows me to control EM200 or EM400 through SGP or Sky X, because the driver itself acts like a POTH (ASCOM compliant) hub.

It’s a first step…but important if you are using a different driver.



Thank you for your answer.
I have install TemmaLite from Ascom.
The system works in manual correct but when I try to put one target I click in slew and the system doesnt move it.


Again, it is hard to give a good reply without going off the board and trying some stuff. But, being away from the scope limits what I can do or show you.
My initial thoughts are that OK - the driver works (as you can move things manually outside of SGP).
Perhaps you are not unparking the mount within SGP…

I downloaded the driver here so I can at least give a screenshot or two.

When you connect in SGP do you have the Scope selected as here…


When you click on the spanner Icon, you should get the following screen:

If you have not selected to unpark the mount when you connect - then you must unpark it manually. For this, connect to the mount (the link button to the right of the spanner)…this will bring up the mount control screen. If you hit the unpack button on that screen, then you should have control of the mount via SGP. (I cannot show you this…as I have no mount connected to this computer).

Maybe you already have done the above and still have a problem. Then we are going beyond where I can help you at the moment. You will need to provide more information from your side…tell us exactly what steps you take. You may also need to provide screenshots and if SGP authors are to have input - then for sure you need some logs.

One step at a time…you’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:



Yes you was on correct direction, the clue was " Unpark on connect"
I ticked and the telescope has moved to the point asigment!!
Million thanks Kinch!!!


Great news - glad to be of help.