Connecting to The SkyX Pro


Hello to all. I recently downloaded SGP trial full version. I have read great things about SGP !! I have almost all the parameters set for my equipment. The tutorials are great. TheSky X Pro is my telescope software. I select TheSky X Pro in the equipment profile and then click settings which brings up the ASCOM Driver for TheSKY window. It then displays:
TheSky version selector with two options:

  • TheSky Version or later
  • TheSky Version 5.0.110 or later

It gives me the option select one or the other. I have tried both selections and still get the error messages.

It also displays other options but I do not believe they are pertinent for this discussion.

I also see Version 5.1.3 at the bottom of the window.

When I try and connect to TheSkyX Pro, I receive this error message:
The SkyV6 was selected, but it does not appear to be installed or configured for scripting.

My equipment is: Tak EM-400 mount, QSI-583 and SX-814c,
laptop running Windows 7, ASCOM Ver. 6.2

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to connect to TheSky X Pro?

Thank you very much !!

Lanny Harwell


You need to download Ascom2XMount Adaptor Installer from the bisque download site.
Then install the drivers, and reboot your computer so the drivers can be registered. It should work after that.


In SkyX, Tools, look for “TCP Server”. There are two things to check: a) the checkbox “Listening for connections” must be checked, and b) that it is running on port 3040.

Then, in SGP, make sure in the equipment profile that it is trying to connect to port 3040, not sure if this is an option, but worth checking.



I will look into this … Thanks a lot!!!



Thanks a lot guys ! I actually found “TheSky controlled telescope ASCOM driver “ in the ASCOM Telescope Chooser window. I chose it and then checked the proper items under properties. It actually has a choice for “TheSky X Pro 10.2.0 or later” which I selected. It connected and seems to be functioning good.