Connection gremlin


I have just noticed that if I just connect my camera manually - to start it cooling down and then later on, do ‘connect all equipment’, SGP goes into a length freeze before finally saying it cannot connect to the camera. The camera is a QSI683. I’m guessing a simple check of ‘is connected’ before trying to connect would resolve this?
[added] - actually it really gets confused if I do this and the only way to gain control over the camera connection is to restart SGP entirely.


Hm, yes it shouldn’t try to connect a connected device. I’ll check into this.



Thanks. I will also do some double-checks. I was doing continuous F&F frames, to clear the sensor of moisture at the time. I will try with and without camera activity at the point of connect all.


@Jared - just to add - I tried a few different scenarios. If the camera is idle, the connect-all works just fine. My issue was that it was doing repeated frame and focus exposures to burn off the condensation at the time. I’m guessing the camera is always busy, but the SGP connect routine does not get a response and is not checking for camera activity either. A marginal issue really, in the scheme of things.


Hm, not entirely sure. Literally the first thing we do with a QSI camera is check if it’s connected prior to reconnecting. If it’s connected we just bail out of the connection attempt. I’ll see if I can duplicate this with the sim or something.

Also if you have a log that would likely help.