Continuous download loop


Tried for the first time beta and ran into a problem where downloads would continuously loop after a number of successful downloads. In events, for example, 28 frames would be successfully saved, but the 29th frame would enter an endless download cycle. I would pause and restart the event without successfully downloading the hung frame. Eventually, I would pause and uncheck the event but the next frame would show similar behavior. The camera was the ZWO ASI224MC using ASCOM. A log file is attached.sg_logfile_20161222233205.txt (234.2 KB)




I would be very surprised of this was a new bug in SGPro since the same code is exercised by all ASCOM cameras and we are not seeing general issues like that with I looked through the log, but I don’t think it’s the right one… seems to be a log full of image grading.


Sorry about that! I graded the images later. Attached is the previous log. Also, when checking the images only every 10th frame was captured (e.g., frame 1, frame10, frame20…).


Charliesg_logfile_20161222185006.txt (22.4 KB)
sg_logfile_20161222182924.txt (37.5 KB)
sg_logfile_20161222180504.txt (34.0 KB)


I am also experiencing a loop with image capture. I am running with a SBIG ST2000XM. I setup a sequence to capture 500 BIAS frames at 1x1,2x2, and 3x3. I noticed the sequence counter was going up in increments of 5 and looking at the save directory that was true. I lowered the sequence to 100 images and it started incrementing by 1. I let it run and after a while checked on the progress. The sequence was at 28, but looking at the directory it was saving “frame 29” after each download. The time stamp was different so it was saving them uniquely. I then let it run until it got to 201 frames. So basically I think it would go on forever. Attached is a screen shoot showing the directory files count/sequence counter graph. Also attached is the SGP log(zipped).

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28 seems to be a magic number. My lights, flats and darks also started looping at 28.


It look I encounter similar problem after frame 28!