Cooler corner case (cool down on connect)


one thing i’ve noticed, maybe this is not a bug but it always bites me - if i start SGP and it opens it’s default sequence, and then i connect to the camera in the default sequence but then immediately load my real sequence, the “cool down on connect” procedure seems to be interrupted. this even though the camera is still connected after the 2nd sequence is loaded.



This is by design if the camera in the loaded sequence is different. Sounds like yours is the same so I’ll take a look.


ok thanks. i don’t remember setting it up but i can successfully connect in both sequence files, so i guess they must be the same?

thanks, rob


also this might be a silly feature request but if the warning dialog showed the cooler temperature and/or the cooler state that might help. from a UX standpoint i’m a little inured to the dialog box because sometimes i end up starting the sequence before the cooler is ready, but as long as it’s actually cooling down it’s not a problem; by the time the first real images are taken the camera will definitely be at the set temperature. so i tend to dismiss the dialog box without thinking, and at least once i’ve run all night with the camera at ambient by accident.




As usual, I did not read this request closely enough the first time through…

Right, so this is intended right now. For an edge case it would take some effort and refactoring that I’m not sure if we want to engage in at the moment (we will certainly consider the weight of this request if it becomes an issue for a bunch of users). When a new sequence is opened it may or may not have properties that correspond to the current actions:

  • Is the new sequence camera the same?
  • Does the new sequence use a cooling trigger?
  • Is the new sequence cooling trigger the same?
  • Does the new sequence time parameter match the current action’s time parameter?

So this is a bunch of stuff to manage and check to ensure this transition between sequences goes smoothly. Again, certainly possible, but we need to determine if it is worth the effort. Instead of doing that, I added a warning that will tell you opening a sequence will bork the TEC action (whatever it is). Choosing to continue to open the new sequence will abort the current TEC action.

Why not just choose “Delay Start” instead of “Yes”? This will start the sequence, unpark, perform centering, guider start (while above temp) and then restart the cooler if needed (you need this). Then, finally, it will wait for up to 15 minutes to get within range. Clicking “Yes” just ignores all this logic and assumes you know what you are doing.

All that said, I still added a notification warning that indicates if, after 15 minutes, the TEC was still unable to get into range (ambient temp too high, power off or cool down was interrupted).

Also, I did add the camera’s cooling state and temp into the dialog (if that helps)


There are a whole lot of issues like this that would be solved if SGP did not start up with a new sequence. That is, have SGP start with no sequence and wait for the user to either load an existing sequence or ask for a new one. I find most of the time I do not want the default new sequence because I am either loading an existing one or using FMW to create a new one. This change would also solve the mysterious “Do you want to save the sequence” question when all you have done is start SGP and load another sequence. The default new sequence has no changes but you are asked the question nevertheless.


OK - understood on #1 - i don’t think it’s worth tearing into the code. i think my particular use case is a little crazy due to the particular issues i’ve had with the compute stick - probably not many people are intentionally doing anything with the default sequence that opens.

on the “delay start”, i guess i took it literally - that it would delay doing everything until the cooler was at temperature. clearly we’re on the same page here as you’re already doing what i was trying to accomplish by hand.

thanks for adding the other stuff, i think it will be useful.



makes sense but for the novice user, opening up to a blank desktop probably creates some confusion… “what do i do now???” at least with a blank sequence sitting there its somewhat obvious what to do next. maybe suppressing an empty sequence could be a checkbox somewhere for the advanced user.


@pfile or anyone else…

I should note for folks reading that these changes will be reflected in

Death by check boxes is a slippery slope.

This should not happen. I’d need a specific set of reproduction steps. Every single day, I open SGPro (with a default profile) and open a sequence. I am not asked if I want to save.


Most applications you use do not start with a default “document” so this should not be a big problem. When I start an unfamiliar application the first thing I’m going to look for is a File/New menu which SGP has. If this is thought to be an issue, SGP could start with a dialog asking if you want a new sequence.


well for instance connecting/disconnecting equipment seems to mark the sequence as dirty. i see this all the time at the end of a session. TBH its a little confusing since it seems to me that changes to an active sequence are autosaved.



Word does, so do Excel and Powerpoint.


Hi Group,
For my own convenience I place the SGPro icon on my task bar.

I know that everyone knows this, but …

a). A right click on the icon brings up recently used sequences as well as the default startup sequence. Your choice then.
b). A double click on the desired sequence file (wherever it resides) starts it.



Word does not start with a blank document - it asks you what you want which is one of the alternatives I suggested.


Just tried it, I get a blank document. Start Word, Start typing.

Or has it changed recently? I have avoided the later versions of Word.