Couple of feature requests


New user here, just about to buy tonight as its pay day! Anyway after using the trial for a while I have a couple of feature requests…

Target selection - Can we have another target screen or changes to the current one when not wanting to take a mosaic or rotate or anything fancy. Most times I know my target by name and just want to enter it and start imaging from the centre of the target. This list of targets would also be useful when out in the field with no internet, just select your target from a list of M, NGC, IC targets and away you go.

Change autofocus to remove backlash - After completing the VCurve, the focuser moves to the focus position, if there is backlash in the system this move to focus position will result (if the backlash is not known exactly) in focus not being bang on. My request is that once it has completed the VCurve, it makes a move towards the focus position, then takes another image to see exactly where on the VCurve it is as this would have removed the backlash. It can then do a move to focus point and if will be bang on as the backlash has been removed.



Hi Craig,

I use the mosaic feature to select my targets. Just select 1 x 1 tiles, drag a box around your subject, position the completed box over your subject and create the sequence. Untick “auto rotate or validate rotation on mosaic start” and press enter. You will get a warning box but click yes and your subject will load.

Regarding backlash. No focuser has exact backlash this can vary regarding temperature and mechanical limits and fits. It will not make the slightest bit of difference if you over compensate, but will make a difference if you under compensate. There are written procedures on checking how much backlash you have, but I couldn’t be bothered with that so I put in 50 steps for good measure.



You can create targets while at home and can have a sequence full of future and/or frequent targets that can then be copied into a new sequence via the context menu in the new sequence for a given equipment setup. You can also opt to just note the RA/DEC of a target and using the Mosaic wizard, input that and go from there in the field with no internet.

There’s already an option for backlash - it’s hidden under the focuser settings. Do a search in the SGP help for information on it. When enabled, all moves for the given direction will include a “back lash” correction move beyond the desired point and then back to target.

For example: on on SCT, I have all my out focus moves (CW) move out past the target, then back in so that every final focus finishes going in (CCW) “against gravity”. For my geared custom focuser - that’s 500 steps or about a third of a rotation on the focuser.

I do recommend that you download and setup local plate solving if you expect to find yourself in the field with no internet.


If i connect up oene of the planetarium apps on my ipad and use that to do a goto is there a way to get sgpro to get the coords from the scope and use that as the target in a sequence?


If your target is in the FOV of an image, you can use the focus and framing function to take an image then right-click on the target and select “center here” from the pull down.

Another technique I’ve used is to plate solve the focus and framing image and use the difference between the solved location and the mount’s location to manually move the mount to bring the target into the FOV. Of course, this procedure can’t be automated.


Hi Blinky,

thes there is a possibility SGPro takes over the coordinates:

Center the Object as you like on your sensor, then perform a solve and sync operation. Then Check the box to use the coordinates for the current target :+1:


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