Curious auto shut down of program


The last 3 nights I have been seeing some odd behavior with SGP. I am running the latest version ( and have not noticed any issues until recently. The only process that has been added to my routine is the focuslock docking module to control an on axis guider I am using with PHD 2. I am using The SkyX to control an AP mount, an Alas focuser, and an ATIK 16200 with a filterwheel. There is also an Innovations Foresight ONAG being controlled with Focuslock.

Typically SGP will finish the sequence run, shut off the camera, park the mount, and close the roll-off observatory roof.

For the last 3 nights the shutdown procedure has not occurred. Last night was the worst and most curious. I woke up this morning to see the scope pointing close to the zenith and roof still open. SGP was not running and had closed. The Sky X was not running and had closed. My AP mount said it was parked, but was not parked. The two previous evenings the mount had not parked, and the roof not closed, but the SGP and the Sky were still running.

I have looked through the logs but have been unable to spot the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding what might be happening? I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. I am attaching the logs from the last 3 nights. Again, last night was the most concerning of the 3.

Thanks for your help!!


Here is a dropbox link to the file from last night:



I noticed that at 21:26 there is a Focus lock message regarding it being unchecked. This was a repeating message and part of the reason this log is so large. :frowning: I am not sure what that was referring to since focus lock was working through the evening. I still am unable to find anything that indicates why SGP and The SkyX shut themselves down.


Here are the links to the other two files from the previous two nights. Again, on these evenings, the mount did not park, even though the park command was given.


What happens if you manually attempt to park the mount from within SGP?

Did the “park setting” get changed on the mount. I know a lot of mounts will have options to translate what “park” actually means. Like “Stop tracking” or “counter weight down”, etc.



Good suggestion Jared. I will try and see if I can get SGP to park the mount outside of a sequence. Thank you for your reply!