Cycling filters and auto-focusing between each one

I recently got a Lakeside motor focuser to go on the society Takahashi and am really pleased with it. I have had a mono ASI1600 for 9 months now and so far I (mostly) image through one filter per session and re-focus every hour. My goal is to automate as much as possible, which we are mostly able to now with our equipment.

However in order to have something useable after an evening, I would like to cycle through the filters, so for example, R for an hour, then G for an hour, then B for an hour and then repeat.

How would I go about doing this in SGP? I currently have it set so that it runs auto focus every 60 mins, I see the option to ‘Auto adjust focus per filter’, but then in the settings there is an option to ‘Auto focus with filter…’. I have this enabled as I generally stick to the same filter. So would I need to disable it and then the auto focus would run on whichever filter is next up? I have ZWO filters which I don’t think are parfocal, but there doesn’t seem to be a massive difference between them, so I guess that the sweet spots might be close enough that the auto focus run would be able to find the sweet spot?

Just found this post in the suggested ones at the bottom (completely missed it earlier for some reason). Pretty much describes everything that I need to know, thank you very much Gboulton!